A Colorful story

Meet Sheila Judge Hall

The bold and vibrant hues of Sheila J Hall’s art give us pause as we go about our otherwise busy routines of life.  Bright yellows and orange reflect the warmth of sunlight or floral gifts of nature. Passionate reds and royal crimson, purple and gold denote culture and ceremony.


Hall paints and creates from experiences, memories, dreams, and visions. Her paintings have been used as surface designs for textiles, apparel, and accessories. As a designer with ShopVIDA.com, she was featured in February 2018 as one of their top designers and again in 2019 during Black History Month.


Originally from North Carolina, she ventured to Alaska in 1981. For eighteen years she taught art to children and adults of all ages. Five of those years she returned to North Carolina to teach art. After over thirty years as an educator, principal, and district supervisor, Hall is now concentrating on her art in her Raleigh studio, “Color Speaks Studio.” Hall’s colorful artwork is among many private art collections from Anchorage, Alaska to North Carolina.


Giving back to the community is something Hall always strives to do. Recently she participated in “Flamingos on Parade,” and had her sculpture auctioned off to raise money for the Wake County SPCA.


Having returned to North Carolina permanently, she continues to share her love for the arts again in her home state. Hall says her greatest joy is doing painting sessions with the senior citizens and adults who have not realized their creative talents.